What do you love? Creating an art collection

This week I challenged you to comment on your favorite Gingham and Grosgrain paintings on Facebook and Instagram and I want to know how you create an art collection you love. I know I have an imaginary art collection filled with some pretty amazing pieces of art. I love southern artists like, Emily Jeffords ( and Sally King Benedict ( I am also so drawn to paintings by Jenny Prinn ( from New England. Each artist's work is so different but their colors and textures speak to me. I also like to keep my art fun and lively since much of life is serious and challenging. Colorful and playful works of art keep my mood positive and happy.  Please share with us here some of your favorite artists and what you think about or want as you build your collection. 

And since I'm asking you which of my paintings is your favorite, it is only fair that I share with you my favorite and why. My absolute favorite at the moment is April Showers. I loved working on this painting. It has layers and layers of love. The color palette is based on a favorite interior and the brushstrokes were so therapeutic.  Each and every time I look at this painting it makes me happy and I love remembering the time it took to create each little detail. I will be a little sad to see this one find its permanent home, but I have plans to work on similar pieces in the future. 

April Showers, Kristin Try Original Abstract 2015

April Showers, Kristin Try Original Abstract 2015

And a final reminder to comment on my Facebook or Instagram paintings by Saturday to be enter to win a 12 x 12 commissioned piece of original art. Commissions are a favorite aspect of being an artist for me and I look forward to collaborating with the winner to add just the right painting to his or her art collection.