Gingham and Grosgrain Launches!!

Time changes everything. Five years ago, I was a busy professional working in the non-profit world with a happy three year old girl who brought so much light and joy to my husband and me. We had started to think with the stress of work and life maybe we wouldn’t be blessed with another child, but then I found out I was pregnant.

In one of life’s coincidences, our second daughter came into our world in a truly amazing way when she was born on her terminally ill grandfather’s last birthday. My father-in-law was so proud of being a grandfather to our first daughter and was very much looking forward to meeting his new granddaughter. He passed away just a few short weeks after her birth but had the chance to hold her. This period of our lives was filled with such highs and lows that I felt a bit lost. I had stopped working to care for our daughters and help our family heal from such a painful time. Now that I wasn’t working, I still needed a way to stay connected to myself since work had been such a strong identity for me. I knew I needed a more creative outlet and decided to channel my thoughts and emotions into art and interior design classes.  

Now five years later, I am the proud mother of THREE daughters and am launching Gingham and Grosgrain - my very own original paintings! I am an artist…I AM AN ARTIST, it seems so unreal, but I finally feel I have found my way to make sense of life and bring more beauty to this world. I never thought I would be launching my own small business or painting, but I feel at home and peace in a way I can’t describe but can paint. So many emotions and life’s highs and lows make sense to me when I create and share my passion with others.

I feel so honored to share my paintings with you. My goal is to help you find pieces that bring you joy and inspire you to be your best self. I am truly humbled to see my art on the walls of so many dear friends, family, and new clients! Thank you for your encouragement and support in this new adventure! I also thank my dear husband and daughters for all their love and support, they are constant reminders to me to always follow dreams and never settle!